Our community’s health is of the utmost importance to our team.

The service we provide will allow access to transport a patient or family member who needs special medical attention anywhere across Las Vegas area.

We provide a broad range of patient transport services including private medical ambulance services designed for patients who require non-acute care along with road ambulance transfers. We offer the assistance of Registered Nursing staff and Medical Officers and trained support officers/ drivers.

We use our expertise and vast experiences to assist you determine which option would best suit your patient or family members specific medical requirements. We can also arrange to transport on a stretcher if this is deemed a necessity. We work with the Insurance Provider and the Hospital or Health Care Provider, to ensure all information is available and assist you with transport options.

Regardless of which patient transport service you require, our knowledgeable and friendly professionals will serve you with diligence and strive to exceed your expectations while ensuring that the clinical requirements of the patient are delivered safely and within the appropriate time frames.

When you entrust us with the patient’s care, you can feel confident knowing that you are in the hands of experienced industry professionals.

We strive to ensure that our patients and other users are provided with the best practice and best experience possible often in a difficult time.


Our Services



•Gurney (Stretcher)

•Bariatric Wheelchair up to 1000 lbs

•Bariatric Gurney up to 700 lbs
•Assistance discharging from a Hospital

•To/from Dialysis treatment

•Dental appointments

•Physician appointments

•Physical Therapy and rehabilitation Clinics

•Outpatient treatments (Chemo, Radiation, infusion, lab work)


•Adult Daycare center
•Services available but not limited to:•Transferring to/from a different level of care (Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, Assisted Living)

•And more….

We offer the ability to customize the transport to the needs of the patient/customer. Please contact us for more information on customization.